Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Some guys I worked with at F5 Networks created a start up called ExtraHop. It was clear that whatever these guys did it was going to be impressive and run very fast - they did not disappoint. They built an appliance to monitor your network: hang it of your network, spend 15 minutes configuring it and there you go, it will learn all about your network and tell you when things are not running smoothly and why. It works at layer 7, so it knows when a database is not running properly, or when a CIFS server is mis-behaving, or when a HTTP server tps has dropped. The really amazing thing - it runs at 10GbE! Years talking to BIG-IP customers was not wasted. They also have a cool service where you can upload you pcaps and their magic software will analysis it for you!!

There are also some videos of their stuff in action.


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